Simply start shipping with Twill



Help people easily get started with Twill, a new, digital freight forwarder. Provide support with creating an account, adding trade lanes (shipping routes) and booking the first shipment.


A set of personalised onboarding emails to take customers through the process of setting up and shipping with Twill. The informative emails provide quick access to the Twill dashboard through relevant CTAs, support and contact options, as well as helpful reminders for each user, tailored to where they are in the booking journey.
The tone of voice is friendly, relaxed yet knowledgeable, so that customers know Twill is there to help them at every step of the way.  



• Collaborating with a Strategist to define the onboarding journey, and how best to create a helpful experience

• Collaborating with a UX/UI designer to produce modular pieces of recurring information and templates

• Writing and editing for 26 emails in the onboarding