Call of Duty: WWII is set to be the year’s biggest entertainment launch, taking fans back to the roots of the franchise.
Core fans are going to lose their shit.

How do we give them as much content as possible at reveal, in a way that reignites the community?



Hidden codes and classified intel
With the reveal came the launch of the new Call of Duty website – a mobile-first, visceral look at what’s to come. Hidden deep within the site, fans discovered a secret page: and a code breaking machine. This sent them on a mission to find codes, buried in Call of Duty billboards around the globe. Only once fans had
worked together to get all the code pieces would they unlock the site, and get exclusive content on the characters of the new game, and tantalising hints of what’s to come.

Once fans unlocked the page, they found a dossier on each of the main characters:

Inside the folders were files that hint at the backstory of each character, as well exciting things that'll happen in the game. I can't say what. 

Below is one of the billboards that went up in Paris. See the code??